Friday, May 3, 2013

Make Your Teaching SPARKLE

I enjoyed the ideas that were shared here, originally from "Teaching Matters", to remind teachers how they can get their students engaged and keep them interested and motivated.  Although, I think most teachers do many of these things everyday, its always good to get reminders about the teaching practices we know help students and really make a difference.
With all of the pressure and responsibility right now, this is a refreshing look at the fun we can provide our students while learning and can also have ourselves, as teachers.
Let's all make our teaching SPARKLE!


  1. This of a great reminder. In any field, increased demands affects the employees and can cause you to lose sight of the really objective of your work in your particular field. What I remember most as a student were the teachers who found creative ways to deliver the material, even if they were small measures. Adding fun innovations into your teaching will keep your students engaged and probably help prevent burn out for the teachers.

  2. I definitely agree- teachers often need the refresher at this time of year just as much as the students and the more the students are engaged, the better overall for the teacher!