Since I would like to make this blog beneficial for students as well as teachers and parents, i thought a page for student links would be a nice addition...

Here are a few websites that I have used with students in my classroom and they have really seem to enjoy (and learn from!)

  This site has informational clips about various topics in all subject areas.  The information is told via narratives from an animated male character and his robot. Although many clips require a subscription, there are numerous free clips as well.  There are also quizzed that go along with the videos to determine retention of information and some activities that go with the topics as well.

This site has great games for both math and reading such puzzles, basketball, soccer,etc. and Reading excerpts from books such as "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." On this site, students are engaged and participating in curriculum through fun, independent practice.

As the title alludes to, this site is dedicated to math games.  There are games  for various age and ability level students within the areas of addition, multiplication, logic and word problems. There is also a section that is dedicated to content aligned with the Common Core standards for math.

Please feel free to comment about these sites and let me know about others that you like!


  1. thanks for sharing these sites...
    Other resources I have used are

    1. Thanks for adding your resources. I have used discovery education for videos and renzulli learning for student profiles and individualized practice assignments.
      They are both great sites and I look forward to trying learn360 as well.
      Thanks again!


    This is another great site for younger students. I have used the read along books and activities for students that need help with sight words and phonics. For math, there are also sections for patterns and shapes that I have found very helpful. Although some content is limited to those who register, there is plenty available as soon as you access the site, without membership.


    Here is another site for great games in all subject areas! There are even games in Spanish and lesson plan ideas with the standards each game meets.
    Try it out!