Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teacher Evaluation Rubric

there has been a lot of talk lately about the new teacher evaluation system. I know many schools, including my own, in NYC are using the Danielson Framework and Rubric for teacher observation and evaluation.  The link above is for a site that explains the rubric andevaluation requirements and expectations.  I hope it is helpful!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Assessment- Ticket out the Door

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Here is another great idea from  This teacher displayed a chart on the door and uses is as a place for students to post an exit slip with the answer from a question written on the board at the end of a lesson.  Students complete the problem and post it as they leave.  This is a way for the teacher to know who completes the assignment and after reviewing it, who needs to re-learn the concept  or who is ready to move on.  The number boxes on the chart correspond to  a set student so the teacher knows who has completed it without much effort or students names posted.
I love this idea!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ben Swann Exposes Common Core Curriculum

 I thought the video clip below (posted through YouTube by vision liberty) was very informative.  There are some points made here that I was not aware of and did not think very much about until viewing this.
 I was not aware of the development for the Common Core by private interest groups  in Washington DC.  I also learned, from this clip, that states who have adopted it, did so to remain eligible for certain funding.  Would funding be cut if states decided not to align with the Common Core?  Also, I thought that it was interesting that the Common Core now states that the standards are no longer internationally benchmarked but are informed by standards of other countries.  What are these standards, which countries and how did they "inform" the new Common Core?
I think that this video is worth taking a look at... It got me thinking a bit more!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Children's Chapter Books

The link above gives a comprehensive list of children's chapter books from  "Children's Book Guide."  There are many great books listed that would be wonderful classroom read-alouds, book club reads or independent student selections. I have read many of these myself and have also used quite a few in my classroom such as, "Bridge To Terabithia", "Pippi Longstocking", "Frindle" and "The Giver". Along with the list, there is a brief summary/ description of each book.
The list provides titles I have not yet heard about also, so I am excited to read some of these titles and preview them for my students.  I see this as a great resource for possible summer reading as well so teachers and parents should definitely check it out!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Make Your Teaching SPARKLE

I enjoyed the ideas that were shared here, originally from "Teaching Matters", to remind teachers how they can get their students engaged and keep them interested and motivated.  Although, I think most teachers do many of these things everyday, its always good to get reminders about the teaching practices we know help students and really make a difference.
With all of the pressure and responsibility right now, this is a refreshing look at the fun we can provide our students while learning and can also have ourselves, as teachers.
Let's all make our teaching SPARKLE!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mr. Nussbaum's Educational games

The link above is to a website that contains numerous interactive and educational games for students at all different grade levels.  There are games for math, science, geography, spelling, etc.  There are even some in Spanish.  There are great graphic and detailed instructions for each game so students will be engaged and able to understand what they are playing and learning. 
My favorite game so far is Tony's Fraction Pizza.  In this game, customers order pizza with different toppings (1/2 pepperoni, 2/5 mushroom, 1/10 cheese) and students need to show that on a pizza to serve the customer. 
An added bonus to this site is that it includes lesson plans and standard correlations with the games so that teachers can plan the games to go along with units of study and supplement or reinforce concepts for their students.
I highly recommend checking out this great site and trying some games with your class!