Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Children's Chapter Books

The link above gives a comprehensive list of children's chapter books from  "Children's Book Guide."  There are many great books listed that would be wonderful classroom read-alouds, book club reads or independent student selections. I have read many of these myself and have also used quite a few in my classroom such as, "Bridge To Terabithia", "Pippi Longstocking", "Frindle" and "The Giver". Along with the list, there is a brief summary/ description of each book.
The list provides titles I have not yet heard about also, so I am excited to read some of these titles and preview them for my students.  I see this as a great resource for possible summer reading as well so teachers and parents should definitely check it out!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It seems like a good list. I remember reading many of them as a child, while some may be new suggestions. I also like other aspects of this website. Parents can use it for suggestions to read books with their children about many issues, including modeling appropriate behavior.