Monday, May 13, 2013

Ben Swann Exposes Common Core Curriculum

 I thought the video clip below (posted through YouTube by vision liberty) was very informative.  There are some points made here that I was not aware of and did not think very much about until viewing this.
 I was not aware of the development for the Common Core by private interest groups  in Washington DC.  I also learned, from this clip, that states who have adopted it, did so to remain eligible for certain funding.  Would funding be cut if states decided not to align with the Common Core?  Also, I thought that it was interesting that the Common Core now states that the standards are no longer internationally benchmarked but are informed by standards of other countries.  What are these standards, which countries and how did they "inform" the new Common Core?
I think that this video is worth taking a look at... It got me thinking a bit more!

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